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Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel, Inc.

Getting to Know Us

Linda Nilsen, CEO

“One of my favorite things to do is explore new places. And as time moves on, it’s no surprise that one place has captured more than just curiosity- the thrill and adventure found across tropical landscapes!  ..."

Per Nilsen, Group Specialists

Per has enjoyed over 12 years of experience as the Hotel Director on board Crystal Cruises where he oversaw every aspect of the ships hotel operations. As your world travel expert he will personally assist you in every way to faciliate you get the most of your cruise and travel experience.

Jami Bauer

Jami maintains a strong attention to detail, which means that every aspect of your vacation will be carefully orchestrated. She truly cares about her clients and has cultivated many treasured friendships during her ten years in the luxury cruise industry.

Valerie Freeman

Luxury Travel Advisor, Valerie Freeman has painted her way literally around the world several times by land and sea as a professional Artist. Her 103 days luxury World Cruise as a Guest Art Lecturer was by far the grandest adventure of her lifetime.

Chris Baptiste

Joining the Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel team in late 2016, after making my name in the Temecula Valley wine world, was a serendipitous moment in my life. 

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