Linda Nilsen

linda black jacket 2020“One of my favorite things to do is explore new places. And as time moves on, it’s no surprise that one place has captured more than just curiosity- the thrill and adventure found across tropical landscapes! I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work abroad luxury cruise ships where you get the chance not only to see exotic destinations but connect face to face while exploring these countries too. Whether it’s trekking through jungles or sharing stories at sun downers- traveling transform lives when done right…”

With my experience and knowledge, I will make your travel dreams a reality.   Contact me today to get started!

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Office: 951-303-6256
Cell: 760-809-2555

My Customer Testimonials

  • testimony linda HOBBS PHOTOBy far, the best experiences we have had traveling has been through Blue Ribbon Cruises & Travel with Linda and Per. For the past 11 years, they have helped us plan and arrange many trips ranging from 10 to 132 days each. They outshine any travel agent we are aware of with the knowledge, care and attention they provide to their clients. Because of them, we have many wonderful memories that we will forever cherish.

    Gary and Linda
  • testimony Linda Kriss photoOver the past two decades, we have travelled the world visiting more than 100 countries. The journey has been fun and extremely interesting. Along the way, Linda and Per, Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel, have provided us with ideas, supplied necessary background information and arranged for so many legs of our journeys. They have made our wonderful experiences possible.

    Sandy and John
    Surfside, California
  • testimony Linda DiTomas photoIf you enjoy traveling for pleasure with the comfort that your wishes will be met, and often exceeded you can relax when Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel as your travel advisors. Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel, with the leadership of Linda Nilsen, expertly finds the travel service that best meet your dreams, needs and finances. Linda, a well accredited travel professional, and her team are ready to help plan your trip and provide support throughout your travels giving a truly personalized service. Her goal is to be sure you travel safely, fully enjoy your adventure and come home with many wonderful memories.

    Lynne & Ed
    Brewster, NY
  • TESTIMONY LINDA DWOSKIN PHOTOLinda Nilsen, Best Travel Advisor Ever with Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel. She will be your fast favorite number one go to for any travel adventures!!

    New Jersey
  • Testimony Linda mcgarry PHOTOTraveling is my superpower, and cruising has become my favorite type of travel experience. Linda at Blue Ribbon Cruise & Travel is the one who makes all my travel dreams come true! Whenever I'm thinking about a destination, she comes up with so many different options to consider, and usually within a few days I'm booked on the next fabulous adventure. From the moment I've shipped my bags I know I won't have a thing to worry about except which exciting excursions to choose and which incredible dining experience is in my future.

    Diane & Patty
    Long Beach, CA